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cryo freezer boxes for sale

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    18. feb. 2020 kl. 03.15.18 CET


    5X5 25 Places Assorted Colors PC Cryogenic Boxes
    ● Biologix PC Freezer tube cryoboxes are made of tough polycarbonate; Chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents
    ● PC cryo box can be repeatedly frozen and thawed
    ● Biologix PC cryogenic storage boxes 5x5 (25-well), 9x9 (81-well), or 10x10 (100-well) boxes available
    ● PC cryogenic storage boxes Compatible with 0.5ml, 1.5ml or 2.0ml micro tubes and cryogenic vials
    ● Boxes feature numbered grids for sample identification
    ● Drain holes and air vents minimize condensation
    ● PC cryogenic boxes with five assorted colors available
    ● Suitable for storage in mechanical freezers or liquid nitrogen
    ● Temperature range: stable from -196°C to 121°C
    Cat# Height Wells Color Dimension (mm) Unit
    98-01131 in100-wellBlue133 x 133 x 363 /Bag, 4 Bags/Case
    90-92502 in25-wellAssorted Colors75 x 75 x 525 /Bag, 6 Bags/Case
    90-90092 in81-wellAssorted Colors133 x 133 x 525 /Bag, 4 Bags/Case
    98-02132 in100-wellBlue133 x 133 x 523 /Bag, 4 Bags/Case
    90-92102 in100-wellAssorted Colors133 x 133 x 525 /Bag, 4 Bags/Case
    90-93813.75 in81-wellAssorted Colors133 x 133 x 955 /Bag, 4 Bags/Case
    Cat# Wells Dimension (mm) Unit Unit
    89-305X100-well133 x 133 x 366 Pieces/Pack, 2 Packs/Case
    89-310X100-well133 x 133 x 526 Pieces/Pack, 2 Packs/Case
    89-315X100-well133 x 133 x 526 Pieces/Pack, 2 Packs/Case
    Biologix is specialized in the research, design, manufacture, and sales of high quality scientific and biomedical supplies and biobanking products. Throughout its long company history, Biologix has been among the top manufacturers in the world, and strives to promote the growth of life science.
    Biologix class 100,000 cleanroom is in compliance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards to ensure the high purity production. And for each lot, quality testing records are recorded and signed off by qualified personnel for product release.
    Biologix Group Limited
    Add:No. 2766 YingXiu Road, Jinan, Shandong, China
    E-mail:[email protected] freezer boxes for sale