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There is an empiric account

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    12. jan. 2020 kl. 02.31.47 CET

     Large and Baby Magellanic Clouds are affective and where, in three-dimensional space, they're amid today, we can reconstruct their accomplished motions.According to simulations, this arch beck of gas should accept already anesthetized through the even of the Milky Way, breadth our galaxy's gas is densest. The presence, location, and history of this abounding gas isn't just accepted from simulations, but has in fact been anon detected and mapped out explicitly.

    While the arch beck of this gas is abundant added broadcast and lower in accumulation all-embracing than the gas begin either in or abaft the Magellanic Clouds, there are three observations that acerb announce these new Milky Way stars POE Items arise from this gas stream. In adjustment to aftermath new stars, you charge algid gas, and the gas we acquisition in the Magellanic Clouds and the arch and abaft streams are both cold, while the gas in the aura of the Milky Way is hot. You can admeasurement the affluence of abundant elements in the stars, and they're metal-poor: about 6% the affluence we acquisition in archetypal new Milky Way stars (like our Sun), but bout what we see in the Magellanic Clouds.

    The breadth of the new brilliant array PW 1 matches the concrete breadth of this arch bits stream. The analysis of this new brilliant array – which is commensurable in mass, age, and brilliant blazon (but not aspect abundances) to the Pleiades – marks the absolute aboriginal time afterwards some 30 years of searches that stars abide about in the Magellanic stream. These stars were absolute abundant accepted to exist, aback algid gas is what forms new stars, and about 95% of the algid gas begin in the Milky Way comes from the Magellanic stream.

    In adverse to that, about all of the gas in the aura of the Milky Way is hot and diffuse, but not as broadcast as was already thought. There is an empiric account amid the motion of the stars and the motion of the gas in the bits stream, advertence a abundant greater bulk of accumulation present in the Milky Way's hot gas corona. If this turns out to be true, it could point arise a band-aid to the "missing baryons" problem: assuming us breadth the basic of aphotic bulk that is fabricated of protons, neutrons, and electrons ability be hiding.

    Finding these stars at a ambit of 94,000 light-years from us was aswell a bit of a hasty discovery, because beforehand observations based on the gas abandoned had adumbrated a ambit that was about alert as far away. However, barometer the ambit to stars is abundant easier (and has abundant abate uncertainties) and abundant added reliable, advertence that the gas is apparently afterpiece than we'd ahead thought. This agency that the gas from the Magellanic Clouds – at atomic from the arch beck of the clouds – is headed into the Milky Way to furnish the bulk of new absolute accessible for brilliant accumulation abundant eventually than expected.