I ended up having the ability to EVE echoes

  • Their protocol is simple, circumventing the encryption on the other hand is impossible without messing with EVE Mobile ISK the game itself.Yeah for sure, one would have to hookup into the game. Nah, it is not SSL only, though it had been it would be easy, as you state;p They don't use HTTP, its a customized protocol. It utilizes ARC4 working with a key that is randomly generated each connection using a crypto-safe random generator and exchanged with the server (encrypted with RSA). No real way of sniffing any data without breaking up the ToS.Yeah, I expect they don't use HTTP haha. It would be the most stupid thing ever for a match. (for info, SSL and HTTP are not connected, for people reading, you can use ssl for lots of things)

    Yeah I guess hooking into the game could be the easiest way of reverse engineering. But I guess they could detect it. However may be interesting.This is awesome! Wonderful job.I hope they release api calls from echoes side so that you are able to implement it easier. Assessing things several times each day manually... That's exhausting.

    Do you have an endpoint that publishes all request ids you have to match some thing name? I noticed that every item has an ID on your API but I am fighting to note them all.Right now I'm using the item ids the game utilizes. If you do any hunting, I think you should be able to find a list of all of the thing ids. I might update the API to make this easier later on, though.I've done some searching and I have not discovered a listing of item IDs outside from the wild or at whatever /u/eveechoesdata has printed. It would be amazing if someone could publish such a list!

    Wonderful. I ended up having the ability to piece together thing and blueprint IDs through the data from /u/EveEchoesData, but it'll be super useful for anyone else using the Echoes Market data dumps to have this data handy.I noticed some missing data in various spots. Can it be useful for you if I cross referenced my IDs against your IDs and singled out missing data which should reasonably exist?

    I really just found a few more things I was missing, they need to be showing on the site within the next few hours. Sooner or later, though, I will just start manually adding the things, so if you keep seeing more things that cheap eve echoes isk are missing after today, please let me know!I'll be on the lookout. Or simply calculation speculation based on experiences from players on spreadsheets?