I'm black and I play Runescape

  • "I'M BLACK AND I PLAY RUNESCAPE! SURPRISE!" For RuneScape gold a minute there I felt pure electricity, such as my balls had increased a couple more inches... That was a good feeling..ooohh the pride... The next thing I know I was working towards kuradel with a few torch bearing, white hooded figures pursuing me crying"lynch him!!" ... ok, okay. . .that last part isnt true. What really happens goes because fallows... I didnt know if they were serious or if this was a huge joke forgive me if the fallowing seems absurd and unbeliveable but it's the truth.

    I'd add the upcoming few lines but any fool could tell you exactly what the chat box looked like after those first few lines *racist remark, smiley, racist remark,"lol", smiley* Well then so here I was getting beaten up verbally by your friendly runescape neighbourhood klan. Along with a level 132 joins. Due to my wimpy character *because one more black mark will probly perma ban my account* I usually bail from conversdations at around this point.

    The level 132 declares he understands an all black folks clan! And player1 declares his dad a part of the klan irl and he hates blks blah blah blah. There were about 8 people in the dungeon at that point and every1 except for a lone level 116 took sides and began breaking rules yelling stereotypical things and making the r.s chat box look like a script written by 50cent. Every one blow off the level 116 who hadnt said a word. Two minutes after various passerby and world hoppers had been added to the fray. It was a full out black vs white verbal assult! By the time surgery ruin every other kindly was at its peak there were about 17 people in the dungeon.

    "... wow" thats all it took in a matter of seconds the chamber was vacant. Why was that? .... In the sight of this silver crown half of the room was filled with blue and red ribbons as individuals teleported and just logged. After a fantastic chat with mr mod he explained that I wasnt one of the people who would be getting nice messages from jagex and black marks. I wasnt at fault. Anyways that was my runescape drama for your afternoon haha tell me what you think. (p.s I got any of it on vid so I may add to youtube afterwards )

    It is required that Jagex, as a professional firm, should review their policies and make certain that they do dynamic filtering. They ought to establish a policy according to the current situation and alter it every month or so. It is quite much needed that they change the policy they have today. Since now, it's not the ones which are the most significant that get heard, but old school rs gold the ones who yell the loudest: the whiners.