RuneScape as a way to add performance

  • I believe Higgs was focusing on modifications that flip the houses into RuneScape gold more of an RP concentrated area rather than a support centre. And something more such as a Player Owned Barracks or base camp might be a fantastic alternative in order to add support performance.

    I believe they're more considering it as a way to add functionality without it being radically different in terms of training and it's influence on external aspects of the game. Much like incorporating RP functionality, than conventional support/artisan ability performance. By making them a location to socialize/facilitate parties or something, sort of like a normal house.

    So I can kind of see where they are coming from, on account of the nature of a'home' being what it's IRL, the appearing overwhelming desire of the playerbase is to earn the POH into more of a Player owned base camp or Barracks, somewhere to visit make prepping for other tasks faster/easier for a certain player. Which admittedly a lot of this functionality is already readily accessed other areas like Max guild or Wars Retreat. Apart from what present POH's have.

    Which the idea of a Player owned barracks/base camp/village could be something cool to amuse for a rework. A larger scale area to train construction, starting with your residence, then moving on to a payoff for NPC's who may then turn into workers of some kind that create options for passive XP gain like POF combined with miscellania. Greater your level the various typed of buildings that are functional your camp could have, by a smith to replace the armor rack, to a lender, or a mage for tele's etc.. Where you would have to supply materials for their functionalities to work, in addition to a Base quantity of materials and a foundation level to produce the structure those NPC's would work in anyways. Along with the option to organize them in a way which suits the players enjoying, where combat support role NPCs could be nearer to the home tele location for easier access. Along with other npc's may be farther. Obvi I'm literally just spewing ideas with little to no thinking prior, so it could be incredibly flawed but I feel it might be a start of something to consider.

    Do hard wildly journal and do havoc altar, much faster.Unless you can't access Prif, just do crystals. 100 percent AFK. Costs way greater than bones. It was originally introduced to serve as a gp sink.

    OSRS participant here, building is OP for people who have regen pool and house tiles. What makes it useless for RS3? Quit runescoe from 2006 to come back to old-school by the way, therefore I understand nothing about RS3 in its existing state.Osrs and RS3 we've been given a lot of the same QOL fans but in Osrs they had been incorporated into rs 2007 gold structure whereas RS3 they were just added.