What are your comments on RuneScape Private Servers?

  • I've done my research and found out many of RS gold gamers aren't that much okay with RuneScape private servers.And to further finish my research I decided to post a reddit post and see what people's opinions are. As the other post said I would trust the majority of them. Only personal server I respect is the rs classic one since the main game is now gone.

    What do you mean from the rs classic one.And as I said previously stated I have never been hacked.But if you genuinely care for yours then I'dont really recommend. I guess there's trustable private servers on the market, I have not looked into them for years because I'm perfectly fine with regular osrs. But there have been many crappy ones used for wrong intend. There is a personal server for RS classic that fills a niche since Jagex closed their classic servers like 2 years back.

    I am alright with it. They offer you gamemodes. It's on Jagex that they don't offer an authentic 2007-scape (or RSC), somebody else will benefit. The principal match (s) would be the highest quality and ensure you the longevity and safety of your accounts, so they're still worth the cost. Obviously, it is illegal due to copyright (they just copy the whole match ), but I do think personal servers are consumer-friendly and forces jagex to be more consumer oriented, they likely helped in forcing them to make OSRS in the first location. So I'll let you be your own judge on if the copyright abuse is morally justified.

    You should steer clear of them at all times. I'm not recommending going into RSPS.And I am not condoning the use of it but I've been playing several RSPS for decades and I haven't got a time hacked. However, if you're really concerned about your data,then shouldn't advise you to try them out. I would suggest you to register up to a few random RSPS with a random email and check back that same email adress a month afterwards. It'll be filled with other spam and Jagex phishing mails. Their data is sold by every RSPS.

    I've completed this,really I have lots of spare emails and tbh I don't check my inbox which much so I'd doubt if I discover any phishing links. I used to enjoy private servers, because I could not stand the mill on rs2 ax I was always f2p and my parents never compensated for membership. Now I enjoy the grind and feel like a personal server would be a waste of the time. It is like using cheat codes at a game, whenever you do, you become bored of it immediately. That is a fact,but you cant just spend a huge portion of your time just to old school runescape buy gold train some amounts.