This was the clear choice and I really like the look of the cur

  • After all, what is the point of purchasing NBA 2K in September when all of the standing is going to be lost, myPlayers will soon be missing in playing with a 60 OVR for 3 weeks to save VC and you're limiting yourself? I can see no fun in it. The NBA 2K21 MT Coins solution seems clear, if we assume that their costs are decided by 2K with a sense however there needs to a be a way in purchasing the one less VC.I feel as the move should have just been to make him the cover athlete about all variants or leave outside him. Seems a bit exploitative to charge fans 40 or 30 dollars more for a memorial edition of a game. That is NBA 2K. The entire games profit model is built on manipulation. From the built to the microtransactions, NBA 2K was made to wring as much cash out of the buyer. Exploitative only because he and they're making bank from that.

    This was the clear choice and I really like the look of the current gen pay... but the cynic in me seems bizarre about 2K also awakened the cost to $69.99 for its next-gen version now around. It's hard to find that and not believe that 2K understands having Kobe on the cover is likely to make people think about this price tag that is hiked. The Kobe Editions will be the same price, present and next gen. It is the base game which is more costly on next gen. The Kobe edition is also the only one which delivers a free upgrade to the next gen version should you purchase the current gen version. Full cost has been paid by you for the update if you buy the base match.

    In 2005, I would have looked at myself for saying that announcement, mad. After the release of NFL 2K5 however, the NBA 2K series now is so frustrating as a basketball lover. Here's to hoping that some competition comes around. I dunno, unpopular opinion but as somebody who plays with MyGM for hundreds of hours, it's still pretty fantastic. I never played with the MyPlayer and've never jumped online after. If you ignore the VC and MT hell NBA 2K has become, the base game and the GM mode is second to none.

    I agree with that but additionally NBA 2Kplay feels so stagnant/getting worse. I had had a great break from 2K and coming back it was a small jolt. Defence now seems hopeless, team mate AI is fucked (e.g. they'll either stand just inside the 3 line or roughly two feet behind it for unknown reasons), passing still stinks, everything feels like canned cartoons, and the inflation on ratings is mad (like that there are basically no players under 70 beyond the dregs). They will need to seriously work that they haven't actually since 2K11.

    Yeah I gotta disagree w you man. They've removed great features through time, become extremely exploitative with VC/MT, and have not notably enhanced the dreadful AI and role-playing game in years. They shore from the chokehold on the market and dedicate all their tools to shallow crap such as Spike Lee directing unskippable cutscenes or even Idris Elba being your coach. Shit happens every time that I play a 2K game. The Buy 2K21 MT CPU opponent might dribble beyond the 3pt line for 23 seconds then receive their shit stuffed on a greatly contested 3.