You wish to see how you completed the game.

  • If you plan on playing offline go for it, particularly with all the NBA 2K21 MT mods. There is latency issues lag and bugs. However, you can get accustomed to it. I have seen hackers in the US. Personally, I play in Europe and that I don't find that many hackers with long arms only legend modders. Online is more enjoyable with friends. Playing randoms in park is not that fun. I suggest buying it. Spend the extra cash and get the variant.

    Presently in Career Mode, the statistics we get to watch for our players is limited compared to other sports games in the marketplace. So, I decided to make some mock-ups of what a stats page might look like. I am not a designer, so it doesn't look perfect. There is room for advancement. I took inspiration that is substantial out of NBA 2k20's stats page, which looks similar and is far superior than anything we've. Because he's my favourite player, Neymar was chosen by me simply. The stats you are seeing are to get a forward. The stats it chooses to show and focus on will change based on if you're a forward, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper.

    You wish to see how you completed the game. You may just be a stats wiz and need a simple way to keep an eye on those, show off your operation in a form, or might want to observe some in-depth statistics. This page is for just that. Currently, the season statistics we can see are restricted. This needs to be enhanced. While there surely can be many more data put on this display, I simply added those most data websites appear to focus on (WhoScored, transfermarkt, etc.). A page in this way will help users see more detailed how their season is going, where they have improved, any streaks they have, the highest quantity of x (goals, assists, clean sheets, etc.) they have gotten, and more.

    One of my criticisms of all Player Career Mode now is there is no history within it. As soon as your season finishes is the rating and a screen to demonstrate a couple of overall stats. Ideally put a larger Career Totals like in the Season page, and maybe I would have liked to add more on this particular page, however that I believe already that is an advancement. Ultimately, a display to show you have really cemented your history on your career manner. A display to showcase your titles and awards won. A display to truly show your dominance (or lack thereof) on your career.

    Ideally, I would have preferred to have like a trophy case, but once again, I'm not a graphic designer and that's kind of out. In case you have suggestions on which you'd want to add, eliminate, or change, leave them below. Also, I truly don't require the"this is excellent, but too bad EA will never add it," comments, who knows if somebody in Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins PES sees this or another person designing a new soccer match. Additionally, just let folks have some fun. This took some time so I appreciate you reading this far.