So with the reassurance of this RuneScape player Moderator

  • So with the reassurance of this RuneScape player Moderator my character and my items will be secure I followed the scam reporting every step to RS gold the moderator. After the scam took place the RuneScape player Moderator didn't return any of my messages and blocked me. I reported the scammer and the RuneScape participant Moderator, but I never got any feed back.

    Wish I saw I have scammed out of some equipment last night and I feel like the biggest idiot for this. I'm just coming back to RuneScape after 10 years and did not realize how prevalent this is and manipulative RuneScape players can be. Makes me feel like garbage and makes me wonder if I made a mistake if this is what the neighborhood is like now, coming back. I've never been cheated before in all my years of playing, I guess now I know when a top level RuneScape participant claiming they're a famed Twitch streamer says they are making a video and asks you to give them your equipment so they may give you something better, don't take action, even when they swear on their life that they may be trusted and they won't run off with your own stuff.

    Feels so stupid now in hindsight but now I simply had a really good feeling of her and thought she officially just seemed like a kind man who was only trying to earn an interesting video about helping a newer RuneScape participant. But nope, she took me to the G.E. because she said she was planning to get me a nice fight ring, then she tucked out. Guess she only sold my things there. I perform RS to try to get a break in the overwhelming negativity in the world, feels so bad understanding even RuneScape I used to love so much has some of this also.

    Yeah, scamming and luring is so common thing these days, which is very sad since alot of those high lvl accounts do this, bought accounts or not. Dont recall there is no free stuff with additional steps, just mind your business and give up tho. If a person wants to provide you something nothing else involved. No walking, following and most falling your own gear, as you know.. What did you eliminate tho? Yeah, little lapse in conclusion there my gut told me how she was a fantastic person, I really thought she wanted to be friends and help out.

    Or at the least she was only trying to get views, I've seen a few videos of RuneScape players doing something similar but they really do follow through and provide the noobs cool gear or cash. And her freaking username was GENER0SITY. I dropped my dragon platebody, boots and legs, amulet of fury, regen bracelet, dragon scimitar, trimmed rune kiteshield, and she somehow talked me into giving her my cannon and 4500 cannonballs. Almost all of that stuff was given to me by a few really cool high level RuneScape players or bought with some cash they gave me, I'm not too rich in RS. I did talk about this in another group and somebody sent me a buy OSRS gold message saying they wanted to help me get my stuff back. So that will help revive my faith into RuneScape a bit if that's real.