You are acting like there are not NBA players who are atrocious

  • You are also saying you can hit 99 in per month, the number of games of mycareer are daily you currently enjoying? 10? 20? 30? Nobody enjoys that, also 2K makes it basically a job stating, Oh if you perform mycareer 8 hours a day for MT 2K20 seven days every week, you can get your pay in the end of the week;ie park. Why would I wish to mill a game which shuts down their older servers because they know no one could play with their games that are newer if 16 and 17 servers were up. They launch another game year after year and another 110 bucks their consumers pockets.

    This is not a discussion. This is dumb nonsense. You are acting like there are not players in the NBA (or even 2K) whose chief ability is defense. You are acting like there are not NBA players who are atrocious defenders. Lockdowns are annoying, but so are good defenders in life. That is their purpose. That's like saying sharps should not exist because all NBA players may take, ignoring that there are players that are obviously better and shoot as their principal function within the group.

    It does not take 80 MyCareer matches to strike 85. I have 7 99s and have not spent a dime on VC. I have ~400 MyCareer games which includes the ones I have played since I have hit 99. You never reach approval bonuses and also get ~ 850 VC per match for if you're poor or like 10 games. You're also ignoring. Mindless crap. Being mad about a 60 sharpshooting layups is probably the dumbest thing. Honestly. Wouldn't you be upset if your MyPlayer got scored on by someone with a 25 driving layup or is that logic just implemented if your player is on offense? What's the purpose of attributes and progression if any build can do anything directly from the gate?

    It requires somewhat less than MyPoints per match to reach 90 at 30. You may find that 5m quarters, on Guru, from the seat. You outside gain your development if your criticism is using VC. That's saying something considering how quickly players can access 95. R6S has a development model. It'd be something like everyone gets just a pistol and progresses to When they did a ratings based system to 2K. Though which is why it's such a poor contrast, that would not function in a shooter.

    Having the ability to jump online has not been MyCareer's matter for a decade and it's much better that way. Most individuals overalls, are awful at aspects of NBA 2K. Folks should be"practicing" offline before they subject others to their horrible play. Lol I hit 99 in the first WEEK of 2K being out. The"grind" is insanely easy if you merely play well. I was a 99 prior to the All-Star break. All no money spent. I also said it could be done in Buy 2K20 MT about an hour per day so I do not know what you are trying to pull calling it a project. This is what I mean when I say you don't have any footing to be talking about the defects of 2K.