A character such as Redd is sure to have a vibrant history

  • A character such as Redd is sure to have a vibrant history. He's appeared in every Animal Crossing game to date, and in every one he's seemed dodgy. In Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells New Leaf,"Cousin Redd" would provide the player a choice of four real-world art pieces, but only 1 thing was genuine. It had been up to the buyer to distinguish the subtle changes.

    It looks like Redd will be continuing his illicit art dealings in his return to New Horizons, so gamers might want to brush up on their art history to avoid getting fleeced by this sly fox. Cases of the forgeries include reversing the position of the hands of the Mona Lisa, and increasing the size of Mount Fuji at The Great Wave off Kanagawa on. Is it that this fox was hounded by police into peddling his bootleg artwork from waters? It's difficult to say for sure, but be warned!

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons relies heavily on its mechanic. Unlike preceding entries, players can craft furniture and resources as they see fit. But, is a distinctive set of resources that cannot be crafted they are just available for purchase.

    You have to update Nook's Cranny before you can set eyes on the Outdoorsy tools. This is a procedure but does not demand much effort. You'll need to be a regular customer and spend/earn over 200,000 Bells at the store. It is an easy target to hit if you are playing and you shouldn't need to really go out of your way.

    However, the other requirement is the one which's much more restrictive -- you will have to have lived in your island for at least 30 days. Only traveling 30 days into the future won't work, although you can try to time-travel. New Horizons tracks the days so you'll have to time travel to thirty days later on and each and every day between now. It's a task, unless you crunched for time, and we'd recommend the times simply waiting out. Our guide on the issue can be found here if you would like more detail.

    Go over once Nook's Cranny has been upgraded and have a look at the cupboard close to the check-out countertops. You will notice that not only will the shop now take a much larger inventory, but some of the things are completely new products! Included in these are axe, watering may, web, and the Outdoorsy fishing pole. Each item can be buy Animal Crossing Bells purchased for 2,500 Bells and -- besides looking cool -- are not any better than your regular fishing rod.