Old School RuneScape continues to break records

  • This is how we felt playing RuneScape all RS gold those years ago

    When I first started one of a few starters clicked such as wizards warrior, archer, or some thing and began with base stats up to 10 or something within them. You merely spawned after selecting role and name. No manual no tutorial, no Google, no wiki, and away you went. It was insane. Wizard which got me boost in magic was began by me, and that I think cooking? I'm sure. Fall 2001. First time I've really thought back to my own version of tutorial.

    Someone as old as me! Since I believed I could get rich easy from that I was a miner. Hint it had been but 6 months with completely 9 aids has been nuts. I spent a month at the Dwarven mines mining iron fearful shirtless of Scorpions. I remember being scared shit less of knights, white nights and thinking were unkillable. Getting to dead ends on quests where the next step I have no clue. Looking in the Ernest the chicken.

    I remember when they added rune armor and Addy plate went in 36 to 16k. So I spend my cash selling of my stuff to get 2 of them I didn't know and saw Addy plate. Effectively halving my stack. I recall having 20+ crackers/ party hats and simply dropping them as worthless. I remember when they first added believing and members are these individuals in rune sporting a bronze sword.. It was dragon lol. I recall amazing pking was to get level mages and forced 3 round battle.

    I'm pretty sure Falador existed and that I know I used tip to plan my own training, although I certainly remember choosing a personality type. I thought I was clever for figuring out how that scim/kite was the weapon combo all in my own. I am pretty sure Addy long was better compared to Addy scim in first rs. Addy long and 2h were greatest in game. Rune came out. I do recall being like these folks in rune with bronze swords lol and thinking dragon longs were bronze.

    Old School RuneScape continues to break records

    Having started playing with school because of lockdown I'm amazed at how good RuneScape is. So much content. I did not know it was so good. Now I've got 100 battle, quest Cape, all challenging diaries (lockdown continues to be productive), I really don't see myself quitting when I can start leaving the house again tbh. I wonder just how many men and women are in precisely the exact same boat. In reality I am actively trying to cheap RuneScape gold get all the shitty grinds out of the way so that when I do have a life I can invest my sport time doing such as slayer and bossing. Need to complete complete void and 70 RC up for all 70 stats I'll be glad.