Steps to Maintain Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet


    Water Dispenser Tap & Faucet(KOKOELECTRIC) are very common daily necessities in our daily life. In the process of use, water leakage sometimes occurs, so how can we solve it?

    First, regarding the repair of water leakage at the joint of the water dispenser tap & faucet, the reason for the water leakage is nothing more than the damage of the sealing tape attached to the faucet part (fixing screw) of the water dispenser. Therefore, it is only necessary to take down the water dispenser tap with a plate clamp and rewind a new sealing tape at the place where the screw is fixed. The following is the maintenance procedure: First, fasten the water dispenser tap tightly, and use the plate clamp to rotate the water dispenser tap & faucet counterclockwise to take down.

    Second, turn the threaded hole outward and wind up the threaded part 5-6 times along the clock with pneumatic tape.

    See if the water dispenser tap & faucet are properly adjusted and the water tying plate pliers are tied in a clockwise direction. After the final installation is completed, turn on the main switch to try and make sure there is still water leakage.

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