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    The festival, by Dongbu Insurance in coordination with Post and Telecommunication Joint Stock Insurance Corporation (PTI), is among events to celebrate the 27th anniversary of Vietnam South Korea diplomatic relations. The occasion celebrates 45 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France. Apart from Vietnamese bands such as DaLab, Young Hit Young Beat, and The Link Bank, the culture festival drew the participation of many French bands including The La Bella et la B DJ Ouissam Mokreta and singer Kenijah David.

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    Standard Chartered Bank released a forecast on October 5 reporting that Vietnam remains the fastest growing ASEAN economy PHOTO TAM AN HCMC Standard Chartered Bank released a forecast on October 5 saying Vietnam remains the fastest growing ASEAN economy, and it continues to expect Vietnam robust GDP growth of 7% in 2018, driven by strong FDI supported electronics manufacturing and rising consumption. The forecast is highlighted in the bank recently published Global Research report on Vietnam, entitled Fast, not furious, growth Manufacturing and agriculture are likely to remain the primary growth drivers in the second half. Vietnam grew 7.1% in H1, moderating mildly in Q2 after a record 7.4% growth year on year in Q1, in line with the forecast.

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