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  • Renewable energy in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, particular osrs gold solar energy, can be connected to Europe to provide the Northern neighbouring countries with electricity. To achieve this long term objective, it is necessary to understand the local domestic consumption of electricity in the MENA region as the main consumer of energy. The understanding of current and future trends could help to provide a complete picture of the energy situation in MENA region and the feasibility of exporting energy to Europe. For this reason, this paper investigates the domestic energy use and occupants' energy behaviour in Libya. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of domestic energy consumption and householders' awareness, attitudes and behaviour on the overall energy consumption in Libya and how this could affect the peak demand, capacity, future trends and government energy budget. The paper also investigates the sustainability aspect of consumer products and the awareness and attitude of consumers towards consumption and demand. A comprehensive survey has been conducted to evaluate several aspects of domestic energy demand and characteristics in Libya. The findings have indicated that there is a significant increase in energy demands in the household sector in Libya and it is significant to have a clear strategy to reduce carbon emission and energy use by improving occupants behaviour as well as utilising other sustainable measures. Minor adjustment in householders' energy consumption behaviour and the technology used to generate energy could provide significant financial savings and contribute significantly to the reduction in carbon emission and energy consumption. This will allow significant benefit to the local economy and the energy sector in Libya but at the same time could provide sustainable energy resources for Europe on the long term.


    A two run sixth that was fueled by Frazier's two run double that put the Yankees ahead, 6 4, was enough of a cushion for a shaky Chapman who helped himself by picking pinch runner Taylor Motter off first after Nelson Cruz led off the ninth with a single. Kyle Seager followed with a double and went to third on a passed ball charged to Gary Sanchez, but Chapman recorded the final two outs for his 11th save.

    Everybody was surprised to find out that Gordon did in fact, start on Monday despite the rumors from Rapoport. Not only did he start, but he found his average amount of snaps as well. Gordon ended up with four catches for 42 yards against the Buffalo defense. So, not exactly a big day at the office for Gordon, but he at least he avoided the punishment that was coming his way. Or, so we thought he did.

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