For WoW Classic, though, it was an undeniably incredible August

  • For WoW Classic, though, it was an undeniably incredible August. Top streamer Asmongold not only leapt up the rankings in Twitch metrics according to StreamElements (via, he surpassed Tfue, the top Twitch streamer now that Ninja has left. Asmongold surpassed 10 million hours watched in August, soaking up a combination of

    the views spurred on by WoW Classic's release and, undoubtedly, some of the ones left on the table by Ninja. WoW Classic itself also exhibited Twitch viewership growth of 84%, instantly propelling it into the top five most watched games in August, just behind Dota 2 - which broadcast its International 2019 tournament in August - and ahead of the Just Chatting category.

    Community, after all, is a critical component of WoW Classic, and while a lot of online games are derided for their toxic communities, I don’t see much of that in WoW Classic at all. Don’t get me wrong, Barrens chat is still a cesspool packed with trolls and edgelords, but 15 years later, it’s kind of nice to see the WoW Classic community keeping the infamy

    of Barrens chat alive and well. With a large community also comes organic moments and events born of conflict between WoW Classic’s two factions, the Alliance and the Horde. Recently, I was questing on my own in the Hillsbrad Foothills, perhaps a little under-leveled for the region but getting by nonetheless. Hillsbrad is a contested area, which means that the Alliance and the Horde often clash in the region.