Madden 13's Calvin Johnson cover revealed 2

  • First up is Madden NFL 09, which isn’t amazing, but is an extremely solid football game nonetheless. This time, I’ll attempt a simple Photoshop contest: ’shoop some hair on Madden Overdrive Coins your face onto a photograph of John Madden; the funniest photo wins. Please post your entries (or links for them) inside the comments.

    We’ll be accepting entries through 4 PM EST tomorrow, November 18, and afterwards, we’ll announce the Madden winner and also tomorrow’s contest (for NBA Live 09). Get to shooping, folks -- oh, as well as the contest is available to anyone, anywhere! Only one entry per person, please, when you post multiple images, pick among them as the final entry.

    In a nutshell, you compete in the Xbox Live tournament with some of MUT 19 Coins five different EA Sports titles (Madden NFL 09, NBA Live 09, NASCAR 09, FIFA Soccer 09, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09) for bragging rights, together with prizes to certify your sports gaming prowess. There are nine weekly Qualifying Rounds, running from October 31-December 28, each week of leaderboard qualifying in a very Knock Out Round from January 4-11, 2009, along with a Global Competition around February 3, 2009, located in Orlando, Florida.